Why the Community of Poşaga?

The Strengths of the Community resume to 2 main Elements: on one hand, the Guest can discover here Nature in its purest Form – or, in other Words, endless Landscape untouched by human Aggression. On the other hand, the Community has to offer a relatively high number (when compared to similar Transylvanian Villages) of traditional | authentic | archaic everyday Activities that take place of course also accordingly and in harmony with each Season. It is around these 2 strong Elements that we have managed to create a breathtaking, beautiful story. This story manages to literally encapsulate and summarize ALL the activities, events & locations that make Poşaga the picturesque, idyllic and unique place that it is! The story translates into the Project known as “the Dowry-Box©.

“the Dowry-Box”© is in fact also an innovative, anthropological Exercise, which main Tools rely on active observation & participation. To be more precise, during the 11 FULL days of the Project, the Guests are invited to observe—and on their own will, also to participate- the everyday Life of the Community. For instance, take an ordinary Summer-day: this would start with a rich BIO Breakfast-Buffet, followed by Hay-Work: cutting the Grass with a Scythe, letting it dry, turning it to be equally dry, gathering it into Hay-Sticks, then transporting with a Cart what is left over from the Hay to the Village. Then comes a Lunch, cooked only after Romanian local receipts. As the Afternoon can be rather hot, the Guest can decide to spent it in the shade of the clean Poşaga-Valley- and use the little River of Poşaga to cool down. After the Weather becomes more friendly, everybody is invited to take a stroll up the hill where the Farmers keep their Animals (mostly Cows & Buffaloes) in order to observe how the Farming is being done still in a traditional way: feeding and milking the Animals 100% manually. For those not afraid to taste the Milk freshly milked and still warm, this can be a wonderful opportunity! And how else can such a Day end if not under a Summer sky filled with endless Stars—candle lights or a lamp is all one need to have a quiet and perfectly in harmony with Nature’s sound & scents. And, if you are really lucky, you, our wonderful Guest, can witness the Moon rising from behind the Community’s majestic Mountain (Bedeleu). Furthermore, for all of you that still won’t be feeling sleepy after 9 PM (the Air in the Community does Miracles) you can continue sink into Nature by laying on a mattress filled with straw that you can put in the Hosting-House back garden. The Sleep that will finally come has been described, by most our Guests, by being one of the soundest as it is freed by any mental Stress or external noise.

According to each seasonal Activity / Work, the Guests can also observe and / or take part at: Plowing & Sowing | Reaping & Threshing of Wheat & Barley | Harvesting: the Corn, Orchard-Fruits (mainly Apples & Plums), Forest-Berries & Mushrooms, Hazelnuts | processing of the home-made Schnapps (in Romanian local Dialect ‘Jinars’) | making Bread & various Pies in the Wood-Oven | cooking various types of Polenta | hand-made archaic skilled Activities, such as: Carpentry, wool & hemp Blanket & Clothes making | Bee-Keeping | observing (ONLY from far, far away) the Wild-Boars or the Mustangs—that actually belong to the Community that decided to set them run free every year, from May to September.

Sundays are ALWAYS non-working days, and therefore the Guest is invited to plan this Day according to their own likings: either you, our Visitor, can attend Church-mass (either Orthodox or Catholic) along with many Locals, or you can go for a 1-day Hike. Also, if you are really lucky, you can visit one of the Seasonal Animal-Fair / Market that will amuse you with its colors and vivid atmosphere (also be prepared to wake up incredibly early as the Farm starts around 6 AM and is already ended with 11 AM).

To the best of our Knowledge, the Project “the Dowry-Box”© is unique in the Region. Also, it has the great advantage to be adaptable to all typical, archaic Activities & Events that take place from June to September (so when the Weather is lovely and welcoming). Hence, the detailed Schedule of the Project one can find under ‘Special Projects’ is a mere example—and it is there to only illustrate the Activities & Events typical for the Months of July & August. One should also keep in mind that the Participation-fee & the Food-Menu Prices stay the same- regardless the time of the year the Guest decides to attend.

We also should underline that, since the Project has been launched (Summer 2013), over 30 international Participants stepped into our little Community—from which the youngest, by far, was Elio (1 year old)—who learnt how to walk here.

Maybe we should also add that the Community of Poşaga hosts the last remaining Buffalo-herd of the Region. It is also the cradle of a Natural Reservation called ‘Scăriţa-Belioara’ that has unique Flora and Fauna. It is also here that the Guest can admire one of the 8 remaining karst Springs left in Europe (i.e. “Izbucul Bujor’) or the wooden Church dating back to late 18th Century, several Caves and the traditional, rudimentary, over 100-year old thatched Houses and Barns.

One on top of the other, the Visitor that decides to enter the magical Community of Poşaga will experience fairytale Days and endless nights of deep sleep. And, upon return to their homes, the Guest can tell tales of a land where Life, as people knew it in Western Europe 50-60 years ago, still exists and vibrates strongly in the Community, our Village-Community, that is the Heart of Transylvania!

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