“You cannot travel the path until you have become the path itself.”


What would you say IF we tell you that ALL roads lead to the Community of Poşaga? Or IF we state that one person, in search of their inner self, can find some vital Life-answers after a brief stay in our Community?

As strange as it might sound, Poşaga delivers an element that started to disappear from the day to day modern Life: Pure Nature. With it, consider that the rest of good life comes along: a state of meditation, healthy (BIO) nutrition, the amazing fresh air that makes everyone want to go on endless hiking, and last (but not least) the re-connection to the subtle energies from the Universe. In Poşaga, Time has neither a beginning, nor an End. It is all about here & now that the Tourists choose to spend not only with their family and friends, but also with the Locals (characterized by a particular Charm).

Poşaga-Community is ideal for all those: passionate about hiking , trekking, biking | Students that wish to do their practical part of their Studies (Practice)—especially Students from the Environmental Studies, Anthropology, Architecture | Families with small Children | enthusiastic people that wish to learn how to cook, use the hand-crafts and hand made Techniques of Building Tools or creating Garments – all using only  traditional, authentic Methods.

Poşaga is NOT for People that want a 5 Star Vacation. The Guests that enter the Community of Poşaga have to be prepared to milk a cow, or occasionally fall unintentionally in a pile of Mud or even be stung be a Bee. At the end of the Day, what makes this Place special is its spirit of Authenticity—that can hardly be found in other corners of Europe. So please: no high-hills, or perfect hair-does, or the wish for Room-Service (unless it is your Loved one bringing it over to your Bed).